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Open up chimney breast

This customer wanted to open up her chimney breast to display candles – Nigel chopped out a hole and plastered the whole chimney breast.  A quick and simple job and a happy customer



Conservatory Update

Traditional conservatories tend to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

These customers had the glass roof replaced with an insulated “slate tile one”, Nigel fitted insulated boards to the bare brick walls, removed the old aluminium patio doors  and plastered the whole area

The result is fantastic they now have a room which can be used in the winter and summer and is part of the house.

Tiling completed by R Darlington Tiling

conservatory before

After old patio doors had been removed

conservatory after

Conservatory after plastering

conservatory after 2

Kitchen Plastering


Nigel plastered the whole kitchen.

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